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7 rules for successful spring house cleaning

It’s almost March on the calendar, which means that soon it’s time to open the windows, arm yourself with sponges and fill the house with sunlight and cleanliness. Spring cleaning is a special ritual that marks our readiness for the new season.

Of course, everyone has different rituals. You can go on a large-scale spring shopping, entrusting the cleanliness of the apartment to a professional cleaning company. If cleaning is your way of dealing with stress, then let’s do it together!

For readers, we have compiled a small list of tricks that will ensure the speed and quality of spring cleaning.

No. 1. Mentally Prepare for spring house cleaning

Yes, the main thing in matters of cleaning is to believe in yourself. Visualize the desired result: how to organize the space? what to put away for next winter? how to add spring atmosphere to the interior? Replace words with negative connotations with pleasant equivalents. Instead of “clean up,” say “prepare the apartment for spring.” Make a list of what you need to do in each room. This will help you decide where to start, and not rush about in confusion.

No. 2. Connect the whole family

Joint cleaning is a great opportunity to bring the family together and spend time doing active activities. Make a fun playlist or set motivating prizes for your assistants – this way the work will go even faster.

No. 3. Prepare the toolkit

This will not take long, because the use of chemicals is best kept to a minimum. Stock up on gloves, a bucket, soft microfiber cloths, and a good quality all-purpose cleaner. More recently, American scientists have come to the conclusion that the constant use of household chemicals causes the same damage to the lungs as daily smoking. For the benefit of the environment, we recommend remembering the wonderful properties of vinegar, citric acid and soda.

It is worth noting that the specialists of the best cleaning companies use only professional detergents that are harmless to nature and human health.

No. 4. Make room in your closet for a new wardrobe

This is the most enjoyable part of spring cleaning, for which you will need an explosive playlist, a friend and maybe a bottle of wine. When sorting out clothes, use the “one year rule” (if I haven’t worn it in a year, I’m not likely to wear it again). You can also divide things into three boxes: “Keep”, “Sell” and “Discard”. So the contents of the cabinet will decrease by exactly a third.

No. 5. Do the hardest tasks first

So, you can start with a stove and refrigerator. Some household chores require a lot of effort and time, but, fortunately, are not needed as often. Spring deep cleaning is the time to do what has been waiting in the wings all year. For example, wash windows.

No. 6. Add new details

Preparing for the spring period is not only house cleaning. Treat yourself to a new set of bed linen or a bouquet of fresh flowers in a beautiful vase to liven up the interior.

No. 7. Build New Habits

After a successful deep cleaning, think about how to keep the house in the same immaculate order. Dedicate 15 minutes to cleaning every day: 3 or 4 small things for the good of cleanliness will make next year’s spring cleaning much easier.

Maintain order until the next deep cleaning

For all things, choose a place in the house, especially if the items are small. Boxes, caskets, all kinds of containers are useful for jewelry, handicraft tools. Instead of a purchased box, take an ordinary glass jar, decorate it and put small items there. The same technique is suitable for decorating a bottle in which you can collect hair accessories. Manicure accessories, metal hairpins perfectly hold on a magnet. It is enough to attach it to the inside of the cabinet door. It would be nice to magnetize nuts, nails.

There are many ways to clean up the house, while tedious work can easily turn into creativity! The above tricks help you deal with everyday affairs. And in more complex cases, it is better to use the services of professional cleaners who take courses in cleaning services and know all the subtleties. Do you need basic or deep cleaning of home? Dry cleaning of furniture and carpets? Employees of a professional cleaning company will cope with any tasks, because the life of every housewife will become much easier if household chores take less time and effort.


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