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Five Strategies to keep your COVID-19 Prevention Game on Top

Surprisingly, it is over five months now, and the whole world is still struggling to fight COVID-19. A virus initially thought to be a reserve for other countries and a particular spec of population. Even with many recommendable prevention plans, the virus seems not to go away and with even increased cases claiming the lives of people across the globe.

But what are the best ways to regulate the spread of this virus, because there is no vaccine yet? While some of the preventive measures are working, they are marred with particular success concerns and, worse, failure to perform in other cases. For example, Donald Trump tested positive for the virus and maintained that he observed all the required preventive steps. That aside, though, how this virus spreads is a concern that still beats science.

People thought that many Americans could lose their lives during the recent months’ protests of police brutalities, but that has never been the case. In fact, individuals who tend to be careless and do not obey the set rules are never infected. In contrast, people who observe the strictest safety strategies have tested positive for the virus. This is a topic only set for the scientists to comment on but is a concern that baffles anyone.

On the question of which method best beat the possibility of contracting this virus, no single process seems to offer a compact solution. For example, wearing facemasks is the top agreed method that the World Health Organization recommends for anyone. But does it work if they say that anyone can contract the virus on physical contact? Notably, social distancing is the only way to prevent contracting the virus. The critical question here is how long people will live keeping distance because life happens and socializing is necessary.

Way Forward

Let us all get one thing clear here; there is no approved solution for the CoronaVirus yet. The best everyone can do is maintain and observe the World Health Organization’s suggested preventive measures. At best, it is only essential for everyone to take it up as their role to keep on top of the already available preventive measures. Ultimately, this article addresses some of the strategies anyone can take to ensure they are safe from this virus.

Rigorous Testing

Undoubtedly, if one strategy has stood out in the fight against this virus, it would be testing. Testing and tracing possible contacts is the game-changer, but the sad truth is that even governments find it challenging. In a day, a busy person can interact with over 50 people depending on where they operate. That is why it is nearly impossible to contact-trace everyone that someone who tests positive for COVID-19 interacts with.

Another derailing agent towards this process is the outsourcing of Covid-19 collection kits that are scarce to a majority of countries across the globe. At the onset of the virus, the gears were scarce and expensive to buy, and apart from governments, no other entity could access them. Recently though, some people can access these instruments and use them at their convenience at home.

The concern on inaccurate results from some of these Covid-19 collection kits was initially on the rise. That was way before the world came into an agreement on the standard device to use for this process. The good news is that recent kits are of the highest quality and are 99% accurate with few error margins. As such, anyone or any entity that wants to be on top of this prevention quest should only acquire the correct devices while pursuing vigorous testing practices.

Creating Awareness

Honestly, many people are currently aware of all the dangers, complications, and preventive measures of this virus. If not all, then the remaining population has the least means to access information, and the World Health Organization recommends an array of standards to reach out to such people. When it comes to personal care and following the set guidelines, not everyone is observing these requirements.

Many cases have arisen of outright disobedience and, at worse intentional non-compliance. Such cases are high risk and put everyone at the mercy of this killer virus. That is why, instead of waiting for it to feed on innocent lives of older people back in remote areas, the government and responsible individuals have a lot to do. For one, pursuing remote personal training techniques will see every one; even the semi-literate ones learn how to keep safe. Apart from intentional disobedience, some of these people do not know how to observe these set measures.

Case examples of how and when to wear face masks have been widespread concern. Hand sanitizer usage also brings controversies on the type to use and instances when to use it. Many people can never help to stay far from their family members and friends when it comes to keeping social distance. Extending the remote personal training strategy down to regular citizens will ensure a high level of compliance with these demands towards everyone else’s safety and well-being.

Maintaining Cleanliness

Everyone knows how the responsible agencies said that personal hygiene is the ultimate preventive step against the virus. Using hand sanitizers or washing hands with soap and running water are the absolute cleanliness strategies that the agencies approve. However, the question on which hand sanitizer to use beats the logic out of most people. With increased cases of fake and non-alcohol-based hand sanitizer being the order of the confusion.

This leaves people with conflicting ideas on where to buy hand sanitizers from the many options. However, one thing stands out that people should only purchase hand sanitizers from business entities that they can trust. It is also not advisable to get them from typical shops, which are hard to trust. Reaching a hand sanitizer for sale online is the safest bet for anyone. This is more than crucial for business entities that are opening up now.

Someone may be asking from which online companies he or she can get these quality hand sanitizers. Platforms like Amazon and other recognized worldwide companies are the only places to get superior hand sanitizer for sale online. It is very risky to use low-quality hand sanitizers since it can pose health risks to other people. The hand sanitizer should always be alcohol-based at all times.

Wearing Face Masks

Arguably, wearing facemask is the full preventive measure against Covid-19. The success of this universal recommendation has fallen short to expectations many uncountable times. For one are the individuals who do not wear them for one reason or the other. President Donald Trump is an excellent example of individuals who are not fans of the facemasks, but the consequences of these disobediences are imperative and pose threats to everyone. No one has an excuse not to wear a facemask, and if they do, staying home is an excellent option.

Another issue that arises on facemasks is quality and standard. Since the onset of this novel virus, many companies and individuals began producing all types of custom facemasks. However, the World Health Organization warns against wearing substandard facemasks. In the United States FDA  approved face cloth masks are the ultimate assurance of safety.

On how to assess the quality of the facemask and ascertain the standard revolves around where users buy them. Today anyone can buy a facemask from just anywhere, but for FDA approved face cloth masks, getting them from reputed companies is the surest way to get quality products that offer safety assurance. Unlike other face masks made of ordinary materials, FDA approved face masks must pass through quality tests.

If people took keen note of the facemask they wear, it would be the healthcare workers. This goes beyond the nurses who handle COVID-19 patients alone but applies to any doctor, even a dentist who takes care of patients daily. It is never easy to assess who has the virus and who does not until on testing, the only sure way to keep safe is wearing quality face masks all the time without fail. If not, everyone will be at risk, and we have lost many people already.

Letting Everyone Know They Are Not Immune

Initially, people thought that this virus was selective on people it attacks. The good and bad news that has saved lives is that no one is safe from contracting this virus. The virus has adverse effects on people with weak immune systems due to old age, young age, or any other underlying health condition. Undoubtedly, most people who have lost their lives, in one way or the other, had some underlying health conditions.

Individuals with autoimmune health conditions may also face some risks related to their condition and the nature of their treatment. To make this sound pleasant in everyone’s eyes, there is never any danger of contracting this disease when everyone observes the set rules and safety measures. So regardless of any underlying health condition, keeping social distance, wearing a face mask, using hand sanitizers, and staying at home will surely keep everyone safe.

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