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What are proxies used for?

A proxy is a kind of gateway that will work between a personal computer and, for example, a laptop. The main feature of a proxy is an internet connection. A proxy is a kind of link between a computer user and the websites that he visits. It is through the proxy server that all user requests first go through before a person gets access to the desired website. It is worth noting that the proxy uses the data of your computer in order to make an Internet request on your behalf after the task is completed, your data is returned to the owner. If you want to get more information about proxies, then use the platform, and this article will discuss what proxies are needed for.

The purpose of the proxy

The main task of a proxy server is to hide the user’s IT address. That is, this so-called program masks the user’s main address, replacing it with a proxy server. Thus, the real user who requested this or that information will be hidden.

Thanks to this, the user will be able to receive not only increased privacy and anonymity, but also access to content that would be hidden from the user’s real IT-address; moreover, many users who have been using a proxy server for a long time note that the device is becoming more productive.

Why do people use proxies

It should be noted that in a proxy server, people are usually attracted by the privacy of the use of the Internet space. For an accurate answer to the question about the purpose of using a proxy, it is worth noting that the IT-address of your computer is recognized by the Internet as a kind of network that wants to access this or that content. What’s more, the internet also reads your IP address, that is, your location. Thus, whenever you want to access a particular resource, the Internet already knows to which point on earth the required information will be sent.

The main function of the proxy

So, based on the information presented above, we can conclude that the Internet space reads your address to send data. So the proxy server does not allow the resource to do this, substituting its IT address instead of yours.

Thanks to the proxy server, your identity will be “erased” when you try to access any site. But this is not the only advantage of using a proxy, for example, using it you can do research on competitors and at the same time remain completely anonymous.

Connecting to a proxy server

Connecting to a proxy is quite simple, but this requires information regarding its IP address, port number and password with login. It should be noted that the proxy functions flawlessly in interaction with any of the operating systems – this is another of the important advantages of this server. Regardless of what device or operating system you have, you can easily take full advantage of a proxy server as well as protecting your connection.

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