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Are NCERT Solutions enough to score high marks in exams?

The most common question that arises in students of CBSE board is – Are NCERT Solutions

enough to score high marks in exams? The answer for this question is – Yes, NCERT Solutions are the best study source in securing high marks in exams. The solutions are designed with the intention of providing the clear knowledge of concepts discussed in the chapter. Students undoubtedly can use these solutions for effective learning of concepts and get their doubts cleared instantly. The answers are presented with the detailed explanation of each equation, as each equation carries marks in exams. Hence, students are recommended to practice the solutions on a daily basis without missing a single formula or equations.

The main purpose of every student is to secure high marks in exams which build their career path. NCERT Books Class 12 Chemistry contains accurate answers to all the questions present in the textbook. Regular practice of textbook problems using NCERT Solutions helps students to understand the concepts in an effective manner. These solutions prepared by expert faculty boost students skills which are required for better academic performance. Those who find obstacles in solving the chemical equations can make use of these solutions to improve their learning progress. Practising various chemical formulas present in NCERT books provide an idea of solving the complex equations effortlessly.

Few points on how NCERT Solutions are enough to score high marks in exams are as follows:

  • Offer accurate solutions based on CBSE guidelines

The NCERT Solutions are designed by highly experienced faculty based on CBSE syllabus. The solutions in a precise manner boost the basic fundamental concepts among students. Teachers recommend practicing these solutions for effective progress of learning, as they provide each and every concept in a comprehensive manner. The solutions are formulated with the intention to boost students’ interest in learning.

  • Provide solutions in a simple language

Subject matter experts design the solutions in a simple language so that students understand the covered concepts with ease. The solutions also help students to solve the tricky questions fastly. Practising these solutions on a daily basis not only boosts confidence but also improves skills which are essential from an exam point of view.

  • Best study tool for other competitive exams

NCERT Solutions not only help in board exams but also helps to perform better in other competitive exams. Expert faculty design the solutions in an understandable language so that students grasp the concepts more efficiently. Referring to these solutions also helps students to solve the equations more efficiently. Students can improve their conceptual knowledge by regular practice of these solutions and solve any type of questions with ease.

  • Various exercise to practice

NCERT textbooks provide numerous exercise problems relying on each concept discussed under each chapter. Solving various questions on a particular topic helps them to grasp the concepts in depth. Practising on a regular basis, helps students with various methods of solving the chemical equations with ease. This also allows them to analyse the difficult formulas and equations which need to be focussed more to secure high marks in exams.

Hence, these are some of the points to know that NCERT Solutions are enough to score high marks from an exam perspective. Apart from various study materials, selecting the right one needs more conceptual knowledge. NCERT Books Class 11 Chemistry can be used by the students as the best study material in order to obtain proficiency in solving the chemical equations. This assists the students to understand the concepts in an effective manner and clear their doubts immediately.

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